The Orchard is a creative community that exists to encourage and equip women to pursue their God-given dreams. An orchard, by definition, is an intentional planting meant for aesthetic and productive purposes. As women pursuing our creative dreams, we are also aiming to create beauty and to be productive, and intentionally planting ourselves in this community roots us and gives us the support we need to grow.


We believe God put us here for a purpose, and we are passionate about pursuing that purpose as individuals and as a creative community. We intentionally plant ourselves in this community where we become rooted in support, collaboration, and care for one another.


Aesthetic is defined as “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.”  As a community of creatives, we love beauty. Whether through photography, writing, design, cooking, art, architecture, or other creative pursuits, we create to bring beauty into the world and to celebrate the beauty around us.


Proverbs 31 describes a woman of noble character, and through several verses, she is shown to be productive. Just as this noble woman, we use our creative gifts to produce and be fruitful. Whether supporting our families, fueling dreams or giving generously, we produce in order to make a positive impact on the world.